I Shit Glitter Ribbed Gym Socks by Gumball Poodle


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You are a magical unicorn, but you don't like wearing corny daydream socks that look like they came from the kid's department at Target. What to do?!?

Slip into a pair of our I Shit Glitter socks - they are a little bit unicorn, a little bit rock n' roll. Socks that are 100% more appropriate for a magical badass like you!

Black, hot pink and metallic gold (for that touch of sparkle every sock with the word "glitter" on it needs!)

  • Unisex, one size fits most
  • Cotton-polyester-spandex-rubber blend
  • Made in USA
  • Wide-ribbed socks reach to mid-calf on most
  • Fit women’s size 6 US to men’s size 15
  • A thicker weave, these socks are optimally worn with sneakers and other roomy shoe styles.
  • Machine wash cold, line dry

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