Amazing Amish Apple Butter Candle


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A Lancaster County breakfast isn't complete without a schmear of apple butter on your fresh-baked bread slice. While apple butter is oftentimes synonymous with Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch culture, the fruit spread is celebrated all over the United States -- and the world. Bet you didn't know apple butter can be used as a fat substitute in reduced-fat or fat-free cooking, as well as vegan recipes. The label pays homage to Amish life and includes a recipe for apple butter.

  • Made from 100% soy wax, free of dyes
  • Scent notes: warm cinnamon, sweet apple
  • Certified kosher
  • 8oz or 227 grams.
  • Height: 3 1/2"; Diameter: 3"
  • Hand-poured in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by Lucky Mfg. Co.