Watch Your Mouth Pencil Set || No Cussing || Straight Edge || Embossed || Made in USA || Handmade || Dirty Mouth || Curse Words || Funny


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  • You better not let your mother hear you say that! This listing is for a set of 5 swear-word alternatives No. 2 pencils.
  • The hand-embossed phrases are:
    1. Mother Lover
    2. Oh Sugar
    3. Son of a Biscuit
    4. Fiddlesticks
    5. Cheese and Crackers
  • The pencils are made in the USA and embossed at our workshop in Lancaster, PA. For custom order inquiries, email
  • If you ever happen to be in beautiful Lancaster, PA please stop by our brick and mortar store,
Madcap & Co
310 N Queen St.
Lancaster, PA 17603

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